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Hot to Get a Bad Credit Car Loan in Salinas, California

If you are from the picturesque Salinas California, home to world class wines and pristine farmland, then count yourself amongst the lucky for one more blessing! 

Mikes Auto Sales is here to help you get your preapproval on car loans regardless of your bad credit score. We understand that your bad credit score is not you and we also understand that no one should ever be barred from owning a simple necessity like a car, just because they have a poor credit score.  We understand the amount of stress involved in boosting your credit scores. But if you are armed with the right information at the right time and partnered with an informed team when buying a car, then these very car loans can immensely improve your credit scores, giving you various benefits and ease of mind in return. 

Serving the Salinas region for over 15 years, Mikes Auto Sales has the best quality pre-owned vehicles available at reasonable prices. We have an inventory of over 200 plus cars from our used cars and lifted pickup trucks line. We have a variety of well-kept, reliable cars and pickup trucks for you to choose from. Some of the popular car brands available within our inventory include BMW, Chevrolet, Honda, and Ford. Whether you dream about driving a BMW 530i or Chevrolet Silverado 1500, we at Mikes Auto Sales want to make that possible for you, you driving into the enchanting sunset of Salinas. 

What are Bad Credit Car Loans (Subprime Automotive Loans)?

Bad Credit Car Loans in the financial world dialect are also called “Subprime Automotive Loans” which are simply loans that help you finance the car, truck, or SUV of your choice. It is specially formulated for people having bad or below-average credit scores. These car loans can easily open doors of access to your favorite cars. These very car or subprime loans, when guided by informed financial experts from Mikes Auto can tremendously boost your overall credit score in the long run. Those suffering from a Poor FICO score range can also qualify for these loans, especially if channeled by Mikes Auto Sales Dealership.   

Applying for Bad Credit Car Loans with Mikes Auto Sales

Are you trying to purchase a car while having a bad credit score? Have you been given zero car financing options to choose from? Do you feel hesitant now as ever to purchase a new car or even a used one? Before you even begin to stress yourself out with these questions, Mikes Auto Sales will help you climb and scale this dangerous mountain like a professional mountaineer! 

Mikes Auto Sales being in the automotive industry for over 15 years has witnessed the growth of “Subprime Loans for Cars” first hand. We bring in hands-on knowledge of various financing options to choose from, for a person with a poor credit score. An average car buyer many times, is simply “not aware” of various financing options within his or her reach. This forgivable lack of awareness is only due to a simple fear of buying anything that racks up bad credit scores. We at Mikes Auto Sales are ever committed to eradicating these fears and thereby making you feel confident and informed when financing a car, especially when you are in a bad credit scoreline.  

Financial Experts with Mikes Auto Sales

We understand that building a good credit score is ever important today as it drastically affects your ability to borrow money. Whether you need better rates on car insurance premiums, qualify for lower interest rates, or get approved for higher credit limits, one will always need a good credit score to be able to have access to all the privileges. 

Mikes Auto Sales has a team of Financial Experts ever ready to empower you with car financing options. Being up to date with the latest information from car financing or lending institutions, they exactly know what type of option will keep you afloat and not get your feet wet! 

Our Financial Experts understand the simple fact that most car buyers with bad credit scores come from diverse backgrounds, and there is no hard and fast rule over the “evaluationof bad credit scores by the lending organizations. “There is a loan out there for every score range” as our financial experts put it. 

As mentioned earlier, Mikes Auto Sales being in the industry for over 15 years, are armed with firsthand knowledge of the latest car financing options available with these institutional lending organizations, especially for people with bad credit scores. Many people don’t have prior access to such information usually and many times skip the fine details when choosing an option. Our Financial Experts are well versed with the eligibility criteria from all car financing institutions, regardless of your poor credit score. They will place you head to head with the right financier offering amicable terms and conditions. They will also help you advise as to which option may best suit your needs and budget criteria. Even if you are looking to lease a car (which is mind you not the same as Subprime Loans or Bad Credit Car Loans). Both options carry a different meaning of car ownership, but that’s a topic for another day! 

We at Mikes Auto Sales wish to see you driving the car of your dreams, the type of car that defines your sense of purpose in life. We know that your current 3-digit poor credit score is just a bad credit cycle you are dealing with right now but don’t forget it's only periodic. And with the right advice and knowledge, you can overcome this burden in no time. Don’t hesitate to call us at (831) 208-5158, and seek free professional advice from our financial experts or fill out our online secure credit application form and our agents will get back to you at your convenience. You can also visit our dealership at  348 Abbott Street, Salinas CA 93901, and get a one-on-one with one of our financial experts. They will help you get affiliated with car financing options available out there. The type of financing option that is just right for you as per your income range and credit score. Dealing with a bad credit score is not a problem for them, they will know which loan option will best suit you and eventually help you build your overall credit score in the future. 

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