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Stock #C1605 Miles: 39191


Stock# C1605 Engine 5.3L V8 F OHV 16V
Miles 39191 Int. N/A
Transmission A Drivetrain N/A
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Where to Find Trucks for Sale in Salinas

If you belong to the “Salad Bowl of the World”, also known as Salinas California, and looking for a used pickup truck for sale, that can help you navigate and scale this beautiful agricultural territory, then look no further! 

Mikes Auto Sales, being a top-rated auto dealership from Salinas, California has been offering the best inlinelifted pickup trucks” from the bay area. Dealing with the best quality used cars and lifted pickup trucks for over 15 years, we wish to bring you reliable and efficient pickup trucks to the Salinas car buying community. 

Growing Use of Pickup Trucks Amongst Masses and Farming Communities Alike

The United States of America has always been a truck-fancying nation. Today in the US, car buyers are growing ever obsessed with large fuel-efficient trucks, not just for the extra attention it brings along, but rather for to work and haul goods and simply get by every day. There is an ever-growing fondness for pickup trucks and all their attributes. 

Trucks are especially popular amongst farming communities; it’s always counted as a necessity amongst them for basic work. Trucks have become the main mode for transportation of goods amongst small to huge-scale farmers. Durability and reliability factors of the pickup truck are one of the main evaluation points for farmers, and for farmers especially, a pickup truck is considered as a second skin! 

Many times families are buying trucks as family camping vehicles, while some just need to take their families to drive-in movies!

Best Trucks from Our Lifted Trucks Line

At Mike’s Auto Sales, we boast a wide variety of used and lifted pickup trucks to choose from. Amongst the most popular car brands, we have from our line include ChevroletFordGMCNissanRam, and Toyota. Whether you see yourself driving the gallant GMC’s Sierra 1500 or Chevrolet’s bold Silverado 1500, we have every type of midsize to full-size pickup tricks available in our line. We have over 150 lifted trucks for you to choose from! 

Our lifted pickup trucks are come in various drive trains and trim options. They have also been tested for safety and their drive. We have pickup trucks available which are capable of hauling a trailer and loading of heavy equipment. The Ford 150 we have in our line is capable of carrying a payload of 2890 pounds and can easily tow 13,200 pounds of load. While the Ford 250 increases these numbers to  3,880 pounds as carrying capacity and 18,000 pounds as towing capacity alone!

Amongst a great variety of lifted pick-up trucks, we also have many sedans and SUVs, for you to choose from. We will make it further easy for you to choose, if you visit our website from there you can check out the latest in line vehicles from our inventory, and shortlist your favorite cars as per their trim sets and body types! Whether you are looking for extra trunk space or something extra in engine power, we have it every truck for every type of car buyer. 

Book Yourself a Test Drive

You can also book yourself a test drive at our dealership, so you can be fully sure and confident before you make the final purchase. The truth is no one can really tell what a certain truck feels like unless it's test-driven. Here at Mike’s Auto Sales, you will be given the liberty to engage all your senses to estimate, analyze, and in all actuality, perceive the relative vehicle attributes, whether you are looking for a luxury interior, or observing the fuel mileage, a test drive will certainly eliminate any apprehensions that you may carry towards owning a pickup truck of your own.  

Vehicle History Reports

If you have shortlisted the model range for your choice of Pickup Trucks amongst our line of lifted trucks, then you also have the option of requesting the Vehicle History Reports, to help you make an informed decision on the purchase. Vehicle History Reports are checked through third-party services like CARFAX and AutoCheck by simply submitting the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN Number). Mike’s Auto Sales being has all their cars verified and registered with all the relevant regulatory authorities, to make it simpler for the buyer. 

Car Financing Options

If you are a car buyer who is struggling with a bad credit score and looking to apply for an auto loan, then Mike’s Auto Sales might have the car financing solution that will best suit you. Being partnered with reputable car financing institutions, Mike’s Auto Sales will present you with various car loans for you to choose from where bad credit is accepted too. Our well-informed financial experts will help you decide as to which car financing solution shall best suit your needs. You can also fill out our online secure credit application form and one of our experts will get back to you right away. Car loans if applied for under proper guidance, can significantly boost your credit score in the long run. 

We also take your privacy very seriously and do not share your details with any third parties. Therefore, we make it a point to not share any type of information that can negatively impact your overall credit score. 

Meet Our Sales Force

Come visit us at our dealership at 348 Abbott Street, Salinas CA 93901, to have a little face-to-face time with our sales representatives. They bring in a vast knowledge of the latest industry trends and styles. They have access to limitless information about your favorite truck brands and model types. They will properly assess your wish list, your preference of operation from the car and help you guide you closer to your truck of choice; while also keeping your budget criteria in mind. You can also choose to call our dealership at (831) 208-5158, from where you can talk to one of our sales representatives. They are ever-present to listen and take notes on your truck preferences. They will advise you properly on the trucks available within our inventory. They will also help you decide upon technologies that will best suit your mapped out preferences. Our main focus is on building your trust in us, giving you the type of car buying experience that everyone deserves!

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